Sedgwick County Zoo | Martha C. Buford Safari Express

Traversing 1.3 miles of track, the Martha C. Buford Safari Express completed phase one of Sedgwick County Zoo’s 2018 Master Plan. The fully electric C.P. Huntington train highlights the Zoo’s commitment to sustainability and provides a key revenue generating experience with spectacular views of the Zoo’s elephant family at Elephants of Zambezi River Valley. In addition to the track layout design, the project includes two train station depots, a train tunnel, and a train maintenance and storage building.  

The Martha C. Buford Safari Express opened in Summer 2022. 


Project Details

The design process was a collaborative effort between the Zoo team and GLMV, working together to carefully consider how the train seamlessly navigates through a complex network of guest circulation, existing infrastructure, topography, and future projects, all within the slope and turning constraints of the train.

Key to the project is the location and design of the two train station depots. Each train station depot includes a ticket booth, a covered queuing line, and accessible station platform. The first train station depot is carefully located to catch the eye of riders at the Zoo’s front entry with its time-period inspired design aesthetic. The second is strategically located to provide a convenient stop for guests traveling to and from opposite ends of the Zoo and thoughtfully placed with the Zoo’s future growth in mind.

Cost of Construction: $2.5 million


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