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Achieve Your Vision with a Top Architecture Firm

Tap into our client-centered architecture and award-winning design. Our experienced architects and design professionals work in an open, forward-thinking environment. One that fosters imaginative, quality architecture through focused architectural design.

Cessna Aircraft Company – Aviation

What began with the expertise of a single aviation architect has grown into a full-service team serving the leading designer and manufacturer of light and midsize business jets, utility turpoprops, and single-engine aircraft. Working together for over 25 years, we’ve designed facilities ranging from administration to high-tech testing facilities for this homegrown, internationally reaching company.

Viega Production and Logistics – Architecture

When the global leader in innovative plumbing, heating, and pipe joining systems is ready to build their largest manufacturing and logistics facility in North America, it’s a big deal. Our industrial studio experts went to great lengths to design a facility that could meet Viega’s technically demanding expectations and grow with their anticipated expansion goals.

Exciting News from GLMV!

We are thrilled to announce our next leadership team as we move forward. Roll-up-your sleeves visionaries that are ready to take the reins and continue the GLMV tradition of innovative design and superior client service.
Under new leadership we look forward to strengthening our relationship with you and the communities we work in. It’s time for the next generation of leaders to step in and lead us forward.

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The Tools to Design a Better Tomorrow

At GLMV, we are big-picture dreamers and roll-up-your-sleeves inventors. Problem solvers and great listeners, CAD designers and BIM 3-D modeling experts. Landscape architects and interiors innovators, planners and project managers. We are steel and brick and concrete and stone, and we thrive on challenging, complex projects. We dig deep foundations with our clients, foundations that stand up to the inevitable challenges of harnessing form and function. The work we do isn’t just about a building, it’s about building strong, sustainable communities. We are honored to know that with every completed project, we've improved the environment around us.

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