Meritrust Downtown Building Renovation

When Meritrust Credit Union bought a building downtown, they worked with GLMV’s designers to create a space that was vibrant and inviting for both customers and the 250 staff members located there. Six total floors were remodeled for Meritrust to act as flexible spaces to interact with customers and provide for future growth. The project named Project of the Year by the Wichita Business Journal for its innovative design.

Project Details

Services to the building include remodel of all floors and upgrades to flooring, walls, ceiling finishes and existing bathrooms. Meritrust will use the ground-floor lobby area and six additional floors. Future tenants will occupy three of the building’s floors. Design features were incorporated to create a flexible space that provide a vibrant environment for employees and customers. The building boasts new amenities, such as an outdoor balcony, for the 250 employees to enjoy at this location. GLMV provided architecture, interior design, cost estimating, project management, and site planning services to the project. Meritrust opened the building to the public in 2019.


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