Living Desert Zoo And Gardens | Rhino Savanna

Covering over 4acres, this sprawling multi-species and state-of-the-art habitat is home to 12 African species. With its progressive approach and visionary innovations, Rhino Savanna is setting the trajectory for the future of zoo design and animal care. 

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Project Details

After traveling through a tunnel lined with naked mole rats, guests are struck by an immersive panoramic view of the most dynamic mixed-species black rhino habitat in the United States. African black rhinos, klipspringer, springbok, waterbuck, African vultures, two species of pelicans, storks, and guinea fowl share one expansive yard designed to provide exceptional care 24/7/365. This enriching, stimulating environment features mud wallows, timed devices that scatter treats throughout the habitat, pools, high perches, hidden areas for animals to retreat, guest interaction nodes, training stations, and more.

The exhibit also includes habitats for warthogs and African porcupines and a guest-facing animal nutrition center provides a true window into diet preparation that demonstrates The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens’ commitment to transparency.

A new snack bar with a patio overlooking the savanna presents revenue generating opportunities and seamlessly connects with the surrounding pre-existing giraffe habitat.


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