Tallahassee National Cemetery

Tallahassee National Cemetery

Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, Florida

Did you know? We have an established expertise in cemetery planning and design. It’s true, and the Tallahassee National Cemetery is our most recent project in this unique design niche. Together with the Veterans Administration, we felt the spacious, rolling site required phased development, including an early turnover area with temporary buildings, in addition to the permanent features, to begin meeting the needs of our vets as soon as possible.

Project Details

This 250-acre national cemetery, near Tallahassee, Florida, will serve as the final resting place for 133,000 U.S veterans and their families. Interment spaces include in-ground grave liners, in-ground urn vaults, and columbarium spaces. An ossuary and memorial wall plaza is also included. Special attention was paid to matching local architectural vernacular and indigenous plantings for low-maintenance long-term upkeep.


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