High Bay Corrosion Control Hangar

High Bay Corrosion Control Hangar

New River, North Carolina

Marine Corps Air Station New River, North Carolina

TESSERE designed this high-bay, column-free roof structure to provide a work space for aircraft. This two-bay, 21,528-square-foot hangar provides a facility for the washing and de-painting of V-22 Osprey, HC-53K King Stallion, and H-1 Huey helicopters. Two dirty high bays are dedicated to aircraft paint preparation. Support spaces include HazMat storage space, non-hazardous material storage, locker rooms, administrative areas, and equipment storage areas.

Project Details

The wet bay provided space where aircraft are washed with high pressure. Contaminants are collected in a closed filtration system that cleans the water for reuse. All make-up water for washing lost through evaporation is provided by a rain water collection system. No potable water is used, and no wash water enters the base sewer systems.
The dry bay provides space for the Plastic Media Blast (PMB) function, where paint is blasted off of aircraft skin using plastic beads. The paint and beads are collected and separated where the plastic beads are stored for reuse and the paint is collected for disposal.


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