Fellows Lake Master Plan

Fellows Lake Master Plan

Springfield, MO

Fellows Lake Park Master Plan

Fellows Lake Park covers 20 acres of recreational amenities and a marina which serves as the primary drinking water source for the City of Springfield. When the City Utilities sought to enhance the park, TESSERE was selected to provide master planning services.

Collaboration plays an integral part in this master plan, where input from several stakeholders will impact the development plans for Fellows Lake Park. TESSERE is working with a team of industry experts, including an environmental team, to ensure the water remains protected.

Project Details

Elements of this project include an analysis evaluating the current site by identifying the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to formulate recommendations for the design. The conceptual master plan is designed to identify the desired level of service for the park and create a prioritized road map for improvements over the next ten years. The plan also includes options and probable cost for each amenity.


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