Echo Digital | The 6th Extinction

07.03.19 • Mike Clifford • ECHO Digital, Zoos + Aquariums

We are hearing more and more about the loss of species globally. We have seen some success in recovering species and protecting environments, but how do we scale our impact? What does real impact look like? During this ECHO Digital topic, we explored what aquariums and zoos are uniquely equipped to do to move the needle for conservation impact.

4 Key Points

1. What Does Conservation Mean?

Conservation is more complex and interconnected than you think.

2. Measure of Impact

Refining our measures to make sure our efforts bring the desired impact.

3. The Bigger Problem

What is the bigger problem we are trying to solve?

4. Getting Credit

How can we enhance what’s already being done by maximizing our skills?

5. Business Model

How can we shift our organizations to support our conservation goals?


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