Take a Virtual Tour of The Living Desert and GLMV Zoos’ new Australian Adventure Habitat

12.10.20 • Taylor Clark • General Articles, Uncategorized, Zoos + Aquariums

You’re invited to tour the newly-opened Australian Adventure habitat with the amazing staff from the Living Desert. This innovative habitat puts animal thriving first while maximizing the spaces created from an old plant nursery on grounds. Come meet ‘virtually’ the cute and vocal residents of the Australian Adventure!

Project Innovations & drivers:

1. Animal thriving

Each animal has 24/7 access by including a full netted enclosure. This allows animals to choose from all the best spaces and reduces time in a holding building scenario.

2. Transparency

All of the holding and management areas are visible to the public. They simply blend into the habitat and are part of the guest experience.

3. Choice

Animals in the free-roaming area can choose to be in any series of places. They can be around people or away from people. They have a variety of temperature gradients accessible to them at all times.

4. Completely guest immersive

Guests are right in with wallabies and a variety of bird species.

5. A flex encounter space where guests can meet a variety of animals


6. All authentically Australian plant species


For questions or to discuss future zoo design projects, feel free to contact Mike Clifford at Michael.clifford@glmv.com. 

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