Take a Tour of the Sedgwick County Zoo’s and GLMV Zoo’s Upcoming Leopard Habitat

11.30.20 • Taylor Clark • Uncategorized, Zoos + Aquariums

You’re invited on a virtual tour of the under-construction Leopard habitat at the Sedgwick County Zoo. This innovative habitat improves living conditions for the animals while providing an interactive experience for guests with diverse observation locations and overhead transfer walkways.

Special thank you to Jeff Ettling, Sedgwick County Zoo CEO and Executive Director, and Craig Rhodes, Project Lead Architect and GLMV Zoo Division Lead, for sharing their experience and passion for this project!

This habitat is under construction now and is focused on meeting the following goals, with a budget of $3.3 million:

1. Maximum choice and control for the animals

2. Population sustainability for Snow and Amur Leopards with capacity for 10 leopards.

3. Flexibility of spaces

4. Bigger and better quality spaces for animals

5. Premier Guest experience


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