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Congratulations to our Newest Architect, Meredith Hampton!

04.27.18 • Candace Wilson • General Articles, GLMV News

There’s a new licensed architect in the block! Congratulations to our very own Meredith Hampton, AIA, who passed her final Architectural Registration Exam and is now a registered architect.

This K-State graduate has accomplished a lot since she joined us in 2016. As a project designer, Meredith has a strong portfolio within higher education, where she’s worked on projects for Wichita State University and Kansas State University. We know how hard she worked for this and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Get to know more about Meredith’s journey in architecture below:

Why/When did you decide to pursue architecture?

Growing up, my family vacations consisted of long road trips where I was always fascinated by the built environment around me. It didn’t hit me that this could be the creative career I was looking for until I took several drafting classes in high school and our final project was to design a house. I knew at that point this was what I wanted to do. My passion and interest for architecture has since evolved into many different facets beyond just designing “a cool building.”

What is the best part of your job?

Just the mere fact of creating something tangible out of nothing… it’s incredible! Being able to alter the way someone experiences a space and how that in turn changes their day-to-day lives is a humbling feeling and a weight of responsibility to do the building, client, and community justice.

What are you looking forward to, now that you have completed your exams?

With all exams complete, I am most excited to spend my time on the hobbies that I’ve had to put on hold for the past year and a half. I plan to fill the extra time with positive, challenging, and inspiring activities!

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