A great hospital takes planning

Hand with pen and paper

July 22, 2014 • Candace Wilson • Healthcare

After another local hospital announced plans to provide only outpatient services, administrators at Great Bend Regional Hospital realized a demand in inpatient services was imminent, and they began to explore plans for expansion. Hospital administrators turned to us to master plan a series of additions, upgrades, and changes throughout their campus to accommodate the anticipated patient increase.

Our team worked with the hospital to design new spaces and upgrades and also assisted in equipment placement and analyzing surgical suite workflow. The most difficult component was taking into consideration what they already had, and helping them achieve their goals through analyzing their needs. We analyzed the hospital’s existing equipment and workflow capacity and made suggestions based on projected growth and healthcare trends.

Another challenge faced by the hospital as they planned for future growth was the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As a physician-owned hospital, Great Bend Regional Hospital was limited in the expansion of their operating rooms, procedure rooms, and bed capacity. TESSERE worked closely with the hospital to explore options for expansion and future growth that adhered to provisions of the PP/ACA.

Our team also prepared construction documents for two of the planned expansions. First was the redesign and expansion of the Imaging department, which included converting the old MRI space into a radiography/fluoroscopy room and the addition of a new MRI scanner. Second was the planned relocation of the central processing and sterilization department, which allowed for more efficient work operations and additional equipment.

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment, hospitals are constantly challenged to stay on the cutting edge of patient care and technology. Thanks in part to our healthcare team, Great Bend Regional Hospital is up to that challenge.

Great Bend Regional Hospital is a physician-owned general medical and surgical hospital that offers a variety of healthcare services for the residents of Great Bend and the surrounding community. Visit gbregional.com to learn more.