Wichita, KS

FirePoint, a new technology research entity, needed a space on the WSU campus to collaborate directly with engineering students and NIAR. Our team was inspired by the co-working principles of making a space as accessible and enjoyable as possible, enticing students to work alongside the same researchers who may one day be their employers. A primary consideration in our team’s planning was the consideration of future adjacent spaces.

Project Details

Frameless glass office fronts throughout the building and open-concept breakout areas invite collaboration. Due to the sensitive nature of FirePoint’s work, the need for private workspaces remained. But where possible, elements such as full-height windows maximize natural light and contribute to the feel of a space without barriers. Benching and workstations are incorporated throughout the 4,482-square-foot space, and several large, double-sided, frosted-glass marker boards invite imagination and brainstorming.


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