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12.03.19 • Mike Clifford • ECHO Digital, Zoos + Aquariums

What comes to mind when finding ways to instill empathy and passion into our guests? For The North Carolina Zoo and The Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum, art is an essential tool. It’s critical for guest engagement, fundraising, diversification of audience, and much more. Read the ECHO Digital summary about two of the most well developed zoological art programs in the country and discover how this tool might help you advance your mission too.

5 Key Points

1. Two Leaders of Art

Art is an essential tool for the North Carolina Zoo and Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum.

2. Art’s Impact

How art creates connections and evokes emotions for guests

3. The Practical Facts

Benefits and challenges of integrating art into our guest’s experience

4. Gateway to Hot Topics

Art has a unique way of inviting people into complex conversations

5. Art Funding

Does art programs compete for funding with regular programming?


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