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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

Social Change

06.23.20 | Taylor Clark | General Articles, Zoos + Aquariums

    5 Key Points 1. Create Social Movements  How can we come together to protect wildlife? Ben Prater shared that through his work with Defenders of wildlife, the most difficult challenge to accomplish in protecting wildlife is creating social movements– the very thing that Zoos and Aquariums have the greatest potential to foster. Any positive movement we are going to make will require a mass social movement that...

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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

Creating an Agile Organization

06.02.20 | Joselyne Hernandez | Zoos + Aquariums

5 Key Points 1. Now is the Time to Think Forward Although the current times bring tough challenges for our organizations, we can also use this moment to start thinking forward. Now is the time to ask difficult questions and rethink our purpose and value proposition. We can evaluate our operations based on effectiveness, revenue generation, and the impact on our mission. In addition to this internal audit, we should...

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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

Zoo Master Planning

04.30.20 | Joselyne Hernandez | Zoos + Aquariums

A special thank you to Dave Ruhl (Riverbanks Zoo), Matt Thompson (Memphis Zoo), and Doug Piekarz (Akron Zoo) who joined our last ECHO Digital to discuss the aspects of master planning that work well and what we can do differently in the future.   6 Key Points 1. Establish a Time Frame  The world is constantly evolving around us. This...

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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

The Evolution of Zoo Design

02.26.20 | Joselyne Hernandez | Zoos + Aquariums

4 Key Points 1. Design Priorities Design used to focus heavily on guest experience and architectural aesthetics. However, during our discussion, Craig Rhodes and Chris Kliewer with our Zoo Studio mentioned a shift in design priorities and the importance of non-architectural design. The focus is now on how animals and staff utilize spaces and then...

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