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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

Take a Virtual Tour of The Living Desert and GLMV Zoos’ new Australian Adventure Habitat

12.10.20 | Taylor Clark | General Articles, Uncategorized, Zoos + Aquariums

Project Innovations & drivers: 1. Animal thriving Each animal has 24/7 access by including a full netted enclosure. This allows animals to choose from all the best spaces and reduces time in a holding building scenario. 2. Transparency All of the holding and management areas are visible to the public. They simply blend into the...

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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

Take a Tour of the Sedgwick County Zoo’s and GLMV Zoo’s Upcoming Leopard Habitat

11.30.20 | Taylor Clark | Uncategorized, Zoos + Aquariums

This habitat is under construction now and is focused on meeting the following goals, with a budget of $3.3 million: 1. Maximum choice and control for the animals 2. Population sustainability for Snow and Amur Leopards with capacity for 10 leopards. 3. Flexibility of spaces 4. Bigger and better quality spaces for animals 5. Premier...

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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

The Future of Zookeepers

07.28.20 | Mike Clifford | General Articles, Zoos + Aquariums

4 Key Points 1. Mind the Gap  Our animal care staff are highly educated, experienced and passionate, but much of the job description hasn’t changed over the last 30 years.  We bank on the passion of zookeepers, but our field is not competitive regarding their skills and experiences. This lack of competitiveness makes it challenging for people to stay in the field...

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Category: Zoos + Aquariums

Social Change

06.23.20 | Mike Clifford | General Articles, Zoos + Aquariums

    5 Key Points 1. Create Social Movements  How can we come together to protect wildlife? Ben Prater shared that through his work with Defenders of wildlife, the most difficult challenge to accomplish in protecting wildlife is creating social movements– the very thing that Zoos and Aquariums have the greatest potential to foster. Any positive movement we are going to make will require a mass social movement that...

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