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Category: Sustainable Design

ECHO Digital: No Two Venues Are The Same

09.17.21 | Taylor Clark | DEIJA, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, Sustainable Design, Zoos + Aquariums

  Get Creative with Revenue Generation  Carousels. Trains. Dynamic ticket pricing. We see the same revenue generation strategies across Zoos and Aquariums. While other industries may not have quite the same resources and opportunities, we know that desires and motivations are changing across audiences. For example, one study at sports stadiums shows that if 9 people are in line at a concession stand, the 10th person will not get in...

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Category: Sustainable Design

Echo Digital | Innovation in Conservation

05.26.21 | Taylor Clark | ECHO Digital, Sustainable Design, Zoos + Aquariums

5 Key Points 1. Defining Conservation Conservation is an ambiguous word, with definitions varying across organizations. Though different, these definitions commonly consider conservation disparate from business operations and other activities. Kira suggests that this narrow definition wrongly undervalues the contributions of Zoos and Aquariums and perpetuates the mindset that Zoos are only engaged in conservation...

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Category: Sustainable Design

GLMV is a LEED Proven Provider!

06.25.15 | Candace Wilson | GLMV News, Sustainable Design

GLMV Architecture Named LEED® Proven Provider™ by Green Building Certification Institute; Status Acknowledges GLMV’s Role as High-quality LEED Project Administrator We are excited to announce that the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI) has designated GLMV Architecture  a LEED® Proven Provider™ for the BD+C rating system family. This designation was developed to streamline the LEED project review...

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Category: Sustainable Design

Energy-efficient industrial designs: Kiowa County maintenance facility

05.26.15 | Candace Wilson | Industrial, Sustainable Design

As we remember the anniversary of the devastating F5 tornado that threatened to make the entire town of Greensburg, Kansas a memory, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard of the resiliency of its citizens, and the monumental effort to rebuild the rural city—but most people haven’t given much thought to the maintenance...

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