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The Future of Zookeepers

07.28.20 | Mike Clifford | General Articles, Zoos + Aquariums

Zookeepers are highly educated, motivated and experienced than ever before. They expect more and organizations are not meeting those expectations. When there is not enough support for our staff, it can result in employee burn out or resignation, which ultimately jeopardizes our overall mission.

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Social Change

06.23.20 | Mike Clifford | General Articles, Zoos + Aquariums

We, as change agents, strive to create a thriving planet for all living things. So where do we get started? It begins with social change—the catalyst for understanding our unique role and building partnerships with communities to save wildlife.

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Creating an Agile Organization

06.02.20 | Mike Clifford | Zoos + Aquariums

How do non-zoological institutions develop innovation and nimbleness? During this pandemic, how have our organizations been impacted and how can we adapt for the future?

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Zoo Master Planning

04.30.20 | Mike Clifford | Zoos + Aquariums

Our environment is constantly changing and the way we do master planning needs to keep up with this change. What are some ways for us to invest in master plans and get the end results we desire? Watch the video or read below for key points mentioned during this ECHO Digital topic.

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