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ECHO Digital | Is There a Place for Animatronic Animals in Zoos & Aquariums?

12.13.22 | Cait Witherspoon | ECHO Digital, ECHO Digital, Zoos + Aquariums

Key Takeaways Providing an Augmented Authentic Experience Zoos and aquariums are places where guests can come to connect to animals in up-close and personal ways. The use of animatronic animals to supplement that experience has been a very polarizing topic for a while now. It can make us uncomfortable to think about potential uses that...

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ECHO Digital | Reaching Children & Young Adults in Crisis

11.08.22 | Cait Witherspoon | ECHO Digital, ECHO Digital

Key Takeaways Communicate Complex Problems Simply Terry Thoren’s early life experiences as an emancipated minor drove his passion to become a filmmaker who creates films that connect deeply with an audience. After a winding road to Hollywood, Terry became the CEO of Klasky-Csupo, Inc – the animation studio behind series like Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys,...

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ECHO Digital | Virtual Tour of Expedition Asia at Sunset Zoo

10.13.22 | Cait Witherspoon | Uncategorized

Key Features and Innovations Highlighting History with an Eye to the Future Founded in 1933, the Sunset Zoo obtained much of its original funding through the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The heavy stone buildings from the era are common throughout zoos and aquariums around the country, but many have been removed to make way for...

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Echo Digital | Data Driven Design

09.20.22 | Cait Witherspoon | ECHO Digital, ECHO Digital

Key Takeaways We Need to Listen to Our Animals  Often design decisions are made on anecdotal evidence or experience, but rarely is data factored into the equation. Sometimes Zoos and Aquariums don’t have the information, other times, it may just be difficult to obtain. When it comes to understanding the animals in the care of...

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