Advanced Learning Library Receives Honorable Mention for New Landmark Library

12.19.19 • Candace Wilson • Civic + Cultural, GLMV News

The Wichita Public Library’s new Advanced Learning Library reinvents the traditional library concept. And thanks to a recent recognition, the library proves to be a broad-spectrum community hub. The library has been selected as an honorable mention for Library Journal’sNew Landmark Libraries.”

“One of the key design criteria for the library was to provide as much transparency throughout the building,” said Jeff Kuhn, lead architect for this project. “We incorporated floor-to-ceiling glass partitions throughout the interior to be able to see through the spaces. This not only helped open the building visually, but also allowed for more natural light within the interior spaces.”

The program celebrates library projects that demonstrate excellence in community engagement in design, sustainability, functionality, innovation, and beauty. Six buildings were selected as award winners and four were selected as honorable mentions.

Congratulations to our friends at the Wichita Public Library and our teaming partners for this achievement! To learn more, read the Wichita Public Library press release or visit the Advanced Learning Library to experience the award-winning facility.

The play on materials, such as concrete, glass, and metal, provide for a modern aesthetic.

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